I R (CZ/FR) + Konrad Korabiewski (DK)

Near to Nothing. A discret punk attitude behind the walls of private 
life, on an doubtful edge of the Great Football World Sound System. I R 
mostly works on a very cheap chinese material that keeps them close to 
noises and close to the open ground. They slice their flippant discount 
thriller movie music and their lumps of so easy melody into a magic 
world of disturbances /paintful errors /moods /dust / ashes. We use a 
common mix-table, in which are linked all our stuff : 2 keyboards, a 
guitar, 2 microphones, a dictaphone, the mix-table itself, etc to output 
this too-compressed sound mixture from a mono jack.
I R isborn from the meeting of the czech painter and musician Iveta Plná 
and Romano Krzych, french musician and activist of the parisian 
underground noise and experimental scene, he's also member of some 
collectiv project as Bülanz Orgabar-
link <http://ir2music.bandcamp.com/>

Danish Konrad Korabiewski, born 1978 in Lodz, Poland, is a serious and 
experimental artist, currently residing in east coast of Iceland. As a 
soundartist, composer and audiovisual artist, Konrad Korabieswki has a 
minimalist, yet detailoriented unconventional and experimental approach 
in his way of working. In his search after artistic depth Konrad has 
developed his own personal, artistic expression. Often combining 
elements from electro-acoustic composition-music with sound 
installations and experiments with classical instruments and other 
soundmakers, his work has resulted in international artists 
collaborations and pieces of work ranging from audiovisual opera 
variations to experimantal multimedia projects, concerts and 
installations. Focused on absorption, content and atmosphere of sound 
rather than a certain media, he experiments and develops new 
possibilities for expressing philosophical views and artistic ideologies 
in the listening experience. This is also highly visible at Korabiewskis 
live performances, where he involves other actors and medias to add 
layers and new dimensions to his music and sound art pieces. As with his 
latest pioneering and prize awarded crossover, interactive art-book 
project ‘Affected as only a human being can Be’ with the multi artist 
‘Litten. Recently Konrad Korabiewski won the international soundart 
competition “Europe - A Sound Panorama”.
link <http://korabiewski.com/>

Door: 5 Euro

@ Galerie Gotland - Gotlandstr. 5 (next to Bornholmer Str.) - 
Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg