As the title says the 4 VID's shot at Improcide last November. Thanks to Simone Weissenfels for pointing at this show. Simone is also part of the lineup (piano/organ).Improcide is all about electronic music, noise, new music, classic music and improvised music. These are DIY-videos, not made for BBC or something like that. From a technical aspect, please do not expect perfect material . But I think the VID'S cover the rough charme of the show.

Not every act is on the VID's, cause I arrived to late and had to leave before the show was over. But the most. Unfortunately I was not able to define the artists per video. But here is the complete set list. If you know the artists personal, it would be great forwarding the VID-links. Thank you.




Allessandro Quintavalle Uprightbass, FX,
Cizzy Gonzales Flöten, Stimme
Fakemistress Stimme, Fx
Jan Schläger Drums
Julian Percy Gitarre, Fx
Ingeborg Freytag Stimme, Geige, Drums
Nikolaus Woernle Gitarrenpresse
Simone Weissenfels Piano
StörenFrieD circuit bending, D.I.Y-electronic,
Winterberg Electronics
Wolf Köss Drums
Yann Keller Stahlbass, fx

The VID-links ane one flickr-link.