At Pentecost 2012 – from May 27 till June 8 – planned is a Morgenvogel happening in the Zionskirche (Zion church) in Berlin Mitte called "Morgenvogel-Kirche" (Morning Bird church). Central to the concept is the idea filling the church with bird song, and installing a huge egg over the altar, as a universal symbol of life and creation. A series of events will celebrate and investigate this theme, drawing on various disciplines including visual art, lectures and music.

The Finnish artist Maria-Leena Räihälä is resident in Berlin. The principal focus of her work is on birds, rockets, and other things that fly, which is reflected in her signature slogan "Der Morgenvogel kommt" (The Morning Bird is Coming). During the past 4 years, this took on a more concrete form with a project called Morgenvogel Real Estate, which offers real estate services for birds, i.e. birdhouses. Something has to be done for the many birds, whose nests have been destroyed by building renovation, and whose habitats are threatened by the increasing density of the urban environment.

Several Morgenvogel birdhouses have already been installed round about the Zionskirche, and as part of the Morning Bird Church project more are to be mounted this Spring. The Zionskirche has a long tradition with both environmental protection and sound art, and is itself home to many birds, even a kestrel nesting in the tower, so the connection with Morgenvogel Real Estate seems only natural.

A wide-ranging selection of readings, concerts, screenings and performances will pay tribute to the morning bird and the coming of springtime in Berlin. Parts of the program will also be aired on the radio channel

Participating artists, authors, musicians, and scientists
Kevin Merz (Filmmaker and curator of Flying Films Festival 2, Berlin and Schweiz)
Anja Penner (Radioplaymaker - Sound installation and birdsound recordings, Berlin)