The tower at Bethesda Art Centre where we made our stay. First and 2nd floor.

Nieu Bethesda got its name from the pool of Bethesda, said to have been at the sheep gate of the old city of Jerusalem. According to the story, when the waters of the pool were stirred by an angel, anyone entering it would be healed.
Nieu Bethesda is nestled high in a valley under the shadow of the Compassburg mountain in the Great Karoo. There are no streetlights, the roads are untarred, and the beautiful semi-desert landscape, wide skies and artistic reputation attract tourists from all over the world.

But in the township, living conditions are harsh. Little has changed in the past decade, and like many rural township communities in the Eastern Cape, education and employment opportunities are almost non-existent, and the majority of the population depends on government pensions to survive. The Arts Centre offers a unique opportunity to break out of a life of deprivation and boredom for rewarding and inspiring work.