In the mid 90's, when we run the Blue Velvet Club, a guest grapped my attention. Not only that he was a bear of a man, he was passionate about electronic music. Not passionate about party, not passionate about me, myself and I, passionate about music. I've started making electronic music these days and we had long conversation about it.

Then, for 10 years our paths havent't crossed. BODO worked as a software programmer. Short after we started Krautnoise/AVACHORDA in 2006 I've got a call from a guy called BODO talking about the Velvet times. I thought who's the fuck is BODO. But we made a date talking about a release in his Studio in Rosenheim (btw. where John Manzarek from the doors died also last week).

I've entered his studio, the bear was now a big one with an awesome collection of analogue gear. We jammed some hours and the guy was really good. Not that kind of synth collector with a big mouth and less than zero talent. Really good.

We made no release together. Our directions where to different, but we kept in touch and met several times per year chatting and jamming. Interestingly no mails, no phone calls. Face2Face only.

Now, after 4 years BODO lost his fight against cancer. He is survived by a 10 years old boy and his wife.

Hope you doing well now BODO. If you like, send some tunes to mother earth. GODSPEED