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Thursday, 5th September 2013, 7pm

Performance lecture: Orestes De La Paz (Miami, USA)

Sound performance: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (Berlin Dolls)

Curator: Ismael Ogando

Founder and artistic director: Dr. Bonaventure S.B. Ndikung;

Co-artistic director: Dr. Elena Agudio

SAVVY Contemporary I Richardstr.20 I 12043 Berlin-Neukölln

The body is a material organism, but also a metaphor for various issues of modern society. Nowadays, the body is no longer merely a biological entity and a surface of beauty, but it has come to be a substrate for technological experiments conducted in a bid to attain an illusion of perfection and the chimera of beauty. Liposuction (variably termed ‘lipoplasty’ or ‘liposculpture’) is one of the ways by which mankind follows up the inherent craze and crave to sculpture their physical identity and shape their own body (body management), through a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes fat from a specific area of the body, e.g. the buttocks, abdomen, or thighs. It is against this backdrop that artist Orestes De La Paz incorporates liposuction in his project Making Soap and offers an insight into contemporary tendencies and possibilities of exploration or even exploitation of the human body.

SAVVY Contemporary offers De La Paz a platform to expatiate on his performative practice, accompanied by a joint session to collectively wash hands in innocence with the artist’s soap. The event will be followed by a musical intervention by composer Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt.

The NBt Review 106 - Selected Music -Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

This prolific creator of ambience and noise has so many works scattered across the web, that even three blogs would not do it justice, so for now I must be content to write about just a few and let you, the gentle curious reader explore deeper.

We start out extreme with ‘Son Of Thunder’ (a Kitty On Fire Records release), setting us down upon a twisted playground from an alternate past, once there were jolly warm glowing lights and souls, now they have been allowed to fade into the grew howl, leaving only a trace of a winter market melody behind. The barricades constructed here shift spookily, allowing glimpses of lonely choirs lost, till all is the swarm. The pleasure here is the dream of comfort never quite achieved, the artist making sure that it is the journey that is important.

Now Blisters take us further into the grinning gasp of darkness, where the assurance of scratches and static hide the slomotion glide of rooms and old men and flickers of dancehall memories. Imagine yourself out on a cold winter’s night, looking up at complacent hunks of residential buildings, lives shining from behind curtains far up above you. Add a sense of humour and horror to the experience and you are close to this.

Onwards now, bravely to the manipulation of ‘The Accidental X Change’ where the artist proves that the fabric of our reality can be stretched thin, even to breaking point and then like an overtired child lost within a train journey we slip into something that perhaps is not there, cannot be explained to mother or father and will slip away soon enough, traces of it haunting us still into adulthood.

And finally (for this review at least; remember this is only a tiny taste of this artist’s work) we attempt to float up the TwoRivers, up because these soundscapes push high into space, subliminal spikes jutting out allowing our tender soul brief sanctuary, then spilling back into the murmur, the saddest blur ever felt.

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