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THE STATE OF THINGS - AFFAIRE 8 Vania Rovisco / Maria F. Scaroni

THE STATE OF THINGS - AFFAIRE 8 Vania Rovisco / Maria F. Scaroni from aadkchannel on Vimeo.

2 woolen blankets (brown; dark blue)
2 pairs of high heels shoes (red classic style; black varnish)
2 pieces of dry wood (12kgs each)

The State of Things – encounters between Vania Rovisco / Maria F. Scaroni
These affaires are evidences of the encounter between two body-based performance artists in clashing/crashing/selecting or in dialogue with found materials and given spaces. The interests revolve around the representations of the human body, whether in its natural organic state or as questionable place of conflicting existences. We look at how the female body feels and is felt, how it is represented and track the lineages of its practices of exposure in visual art and culture. This reiterated affaire is not attempting a definition and affirmation of women’s identities, but interrogates the mind and bodies that stood behind feminist/women writings and other derivative works.
Female is space. Carved up, penetrated, stuffed. Female is place.

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Location: P.O.R.C.H, Stolzenhagen, June 2010